TMI Warning: Underpants & Leotards

So yesterday, Carboy and I went to Costco. We don’t go often, there is, after all, only two of us in the house, so a case of anything and everything lasts forever, or at least until the expiration date. We mostly go for dog food, dog beds, dog treats, cat food, cat liter, cat treats, you get the idea… but it’s also a good source for other staples like socks and undershirts for the man.

Me, looking at a package of women’s cotton underpants.

Carboy, in an accusatory tone: “Wh-Y are you looking at those?”

Me: “For under leotards”

Carboy: “Put those down, just seeing you looking at them is making me sad”

Me: ” For under leotards… plain cotton underpants for under leotards for ballet class”

Carboy: “You should have like, La Perla for under leotards”

Me: “Dude, I can’t wear anything fancy under a leotard, you’ll see like bows or whatever, the fabric is really clingy.”

Carboy:  “I’m sure they have plain ones. Don’t buy things for yourself in packages, girls shouldn’t wear things that come in a plastic packaging.”

I put the package back.

Carboy: “Thank you, really, that was making me sad.”

Me: “You said that. You do realize what a shopping trip to La Perla will cost don’t you?”

Carboy: “Do you need my credit card?”

I love that man! It’s kind of funny that not too long ago I wouldn’t go near a leotard. I wasn’t visited by the perfect body fairy or the dance with talent fairy in the middle of the night. But I have to come realize that this whole ballet class business is about me. That sort of sounds bad but it isn’t because your whole ballet class business is all about you! Ballet class is the time that I set aside for me, because I love it and I want to be there. And because I love it, I really want to improve and one way to do that is to be able to see my body move and for my teacher to be able to see my body so that we can both make adjustments and improvements. It’s kind of humorous to me to find myself randomly contemplating what underpants work best under a leotard, what is a good apres-ballet class shoe, which sweater would be good for barre warmup… in my every day comings and goings. But it’s also nice to come to the realization that it’s okay to embrace my inner dancer and to enjoy the entire process of ballet that includes buying pink tights, sewing on shoe elastics, listening to new pieces of music, and even buying under leotard underpants!

14 thoughts on “TMI Warning: Underpants & Leotards

  1. “But I have to come realize that this whole ballet class business is about me.” love love love love it! SO true! And the husband once told me that he loved that he could tell what underwear I was wearing when I was wearing my ballet leotard 🙂

  2. Is it TMI to tell that I wear nothing under a leo? I mean it´s basically like wearing a swimsuit (which I did before dancing), or like wearing a leo for gymnastics (done that too, very little). I find underwear under a leo distracting, sweaty and I hate panty lines. The only acceptable under-solution would be a nude string, but I hate strings too. Whole lotta hate for undies, apparently! Anyway, leos have gussets (now there´s a stupid word, makes me think of gutters), as do tights. Although I wear my black leggings over leo. But I have bought black “shorts” in the underwear dept, the material is leotardy, only thinner and they smooth down any “bits”.

    • I do not like the feel of the tights sans underpants. I like tights to be hip hugger cut so they don’t end up around my neck and a really light tiny pair of T-back underpants. The leo doesn’t feel swimsuit-y to me, maybe because I always wear bikinis, never a one piece? Don’t know. And I wear my leo a little bit baggy as well, so maybe that’s part of it. Interesting.

    • See, there’s always a positive side to everything!

      Oh my, we certainly took this one down the road, didn’t we 🙂 or maybe that was just me – well, either way, I’m not giving up a trip to La Perla! 😀

    • Apparently plenty of girls are going commando under and now we all know about it 🙂 Boy tights are different from girl tights; boy tights are more like leggings with feet. Since I already gave a “too much information” warning – girl tights have that seam and that bizarre gusset that is supposed to be there so that you can go commando but, to me, makes going sans underpants completely undesirable. Hmmmm, maybe what I need to do some research on which girl tights work best commando?! new blog post perhaps 😀

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