I ♥ Fluffy Warmies

Yes, I realize that somethings should be obvious but well what the heck… I guess that I always assumed that being warmed up really meant having engaged in some stretching exercises before beginning class. For some strange reason that I cannot put my finger on, I never really equated it to actual temperature. I’ve been discovering that warming up actually involves heat. Imagine that! My feet always cramp up in the first three to four exercises of ballet class. Now part of this is that  my feet are not as strong as I would like. I am working toward strengthening them so I do realize that some soreness is going to happen just like every other muscle in my body that is getting stronger but not terribly strong yet. Plus, I’m just prone to cold extremities and I consider it cold at the moment the temperature drops to 70 degrees. 71 and all is well, 70 and I need a heater or at least a blanket! But I also discovered that if I get my feet and lower legs warm, and I do mean as in raising the temperature, before class this really really helps! So I’ve taken to wearing these Capezio booties over my soft shoes while stretching before class.

I removed the ribbons – they were a bit too cutesy – but it really helps to raise the temp on my toes. I also layer on some heavier leg warmers, these Harmonies are my current faves…

because they are extra fluffy. I’ve come to prefer heavier tights as well, like Prima Soft, which provide me with a little more warmth even after I strip off the extra layers.  I lose the booties when class starts and the leg warmers half way through barre. Pre-class stretching also includes giving myself a foot massage, not only because it feels good but it also because gets the blood flowing.

So what are your favorite warmies or your favorite ways to get yourself warm for class?

7 thoughts on “I ♥ Fluffy Warmies

  1. Hi L!

    Enjoyed your post, as usual!

    I can see why you removed those ribbons.. 😉 But keeping your feet warm before class is really important! I wear old socks over my flatties, which conveniently have a big hole right under the slipper’s leather sole – so I don’t slip on our studio’s floors! Of course all socks must be removed before barre.
    In addition, I wear leg warmers and a warm-up romper (jean blue with stripes). Over my leo I wear a top cut from old (black) tights. And if there’s a lot of waiting before class, I throw a fleece on top.

    This is just to keep warm. To get warm before class, I do plank ab exercises and modified push-ups, relevés and flex-pointe exercises. I use a tennis ball to loosen up muscles and just move about to limber up. This all before I get down to the stretching part.

    Once class starts, I gradually get rid of extra clothing. The romper’s legs I just fold and roll up to my thighs. In center I’m left with only a skirt over leo and tights.

    I’m glad you’re discovering the benefits of toasty feet – even in sunny L.A.!

    – Johanna

    • Thanks, Johanna.

      How early do you get to class? I started using a tennis ball on my feet and that really helps a ton! I love to wear my Repetto warmie romper but it’s so enormous that I always take it off before class starts, but it does help to wear it while stretching.

      The studio space my teacher usually rents has a class in right before our class and not much space to stretch out on the floor so that kind of stinks. It would be nice to have space available to start working half an hour before class!

  2. my fave are black wool thigh high leg warmers (full of holes now) i got for 50 cents at a thrift store & an enormous black men’s sweater (also from thrift store). i also have 2 fave T-shirts – one from capezio & the other a U2 rattle & hum shirt. i’ve had them both 20 years but still wear them in class all the time :/ i do have a lot of nicer stuff from dance shops but tend to go back to my old slop. oh- and cut off fleece sweat pants i wear because my hips always hurt & the fluffy non-skid sockies that come out in the winter- i wear them until RDJ or frappes.

    • I love that you wear a Rattle & Hum tee… I have a Henry Rollins/Blackflag tee that I sometimes wear when I’m feeling particularly edgy, hahaha!

      Robin, do you dress differently when you take class vs when you teach class?

  3. I get really early to class, usually an hour before! That’s mainly because I leave work no later than 5 pm and my classes start at 6.30 pm. It takes me less than half an hour to get from the office to our dance studio. But I do like to be early!

    Changing into dance gear doesn’t take long, but sometimes I have bad-bun days and I’ve been known to spend 15 minutes on hair alone. It’s pathetic, I know.. It’s also fun to catch up with friends before class. So, after wardrobe, hair and gossip, I have about half an hour left to get my body into dance-readiness!

    There is a class before ours, so we stretch on the corridor floor. It’s close quarters, and you gotta watch that your foot doesn’t hit someone on the head, but we get along 🙂

    You can use the tennis ball also under your popo (right under the sitz-bones) and along the ITB-band. Support yourself with your hands and roll around, wherever there is a tight spot. It works!

    • That’s awesome. We don’t even have much of a corridor but I’m just going to have to suck it up and look for a bit of floor in between the pilates equipment! I usually get there half an hour before class if traffic allows, but I go to class dressed and ready to go because there isn’t a locker room at the pilates studio either. So I either change at home or in the locker room at work.

      I’ve only used the tennis ball on my feet, so thanks for the tips! I’m going to try that on Thursday. You are a wealth of information, Johanna! 😀

  4. ha- oops late reply here! i hate wearing leotards & tights so when i teach i usually just wear jazz pants & a t-shirt. i wear leo’s when i take class but unless i am feeling particularly skinny (which is never) i cover them up.

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