Ballet on Instagram or Who I Follow & Recommend You Do Too

I may be old but I enjoy social media. I enjoy Facebook for keeping in touch (mostly) with people I know – either in person or people that I’ve developed a relationship on Twitter. I enjoy Twitter as a way of developing friendships or at least acknowledgements from people who have interests similar to mine. And I enjoy Instagram. I’m not much of a Grammer really as Instagram is driven by photos, it’s a little less my forte than words. I often forget to take photos of things. I won’t apologize for that, I’m usually too involved with the moment to think about capturing it with my phone. Still, I enjoy it. I have to tell you it was pretty awesome when Marcelo Gomes’ dog, Lua started following me! But let me tell you it was pure heart attack when this happened…


See that, see that!!! HOLY COW!!  A-may-Zing.

There are lots of cool folks out there to follow, so many awesome dancers doing the social media thing. Really, we could be here for a really long time if we wanted to list them all so I’m going to recommend just a few of my faves.

Isabelle Guerin @isaguerin 

Madame Guerin needs no introduction but in case you were wondering, Isabelle Guerin was one of the SUPER Etoiles of the Nureyev era at Paris Opera Ballet. She’s returned to the stage recently at the age of 52 and she is freakin’ AMAZING. Her Instagram feed has some ballet as in addition to dancing herself, she coaches quite a lot so frequents studios and stages around the world. She is also incredible at capturing architecture and street scenes. Her photos of graffiti art, folks on the subway and her ability to capture color where ever she goes is on par with any professional photographer out there. Follow her, you won’t be sorry.

Marcelo Gomes @marcelua  and @eatingwithmarcelo  and Lua Gomes @luamarce

Marcelo Gomes of the American Ballet Theatre has three accounts, @marcelua is his main account and has plenty of ballet photos, as well as, behind the scenes and some really sweet friends and family photos. Quite frankly if you aren’t already enamored with Mr. Gomes, following him on Instagram will do the trick, he’s just that adorbs. @eatingwithmarcelo is Marcelo’s food-gram. The man eats well. If you want to see what a male ballet dancer can eat and still stay skinny… well, there you go. @luamarce belongs to Lua, the dachshund, there aren’t too many posts going on over there but um, she is a dog, so she gets a pass.

Lauren Cuthbertson @londonballerina 

Ms. Cuthbertson is a principal ballerina at the Royal Ballet in London. For those of you who might think that British ballerinas are, I don’t know, stuffy, prissy and or stodgy, you need to spend some time following Lauren. She is hysterically funny, witty and knows a naughty joke or two. She posts ballerina-y stuff in addition to travel, food and other tidbits of fun and humor.

Maria Kochetkova @balletrusse 

Masha is cute, funny, arty, odd and always entertaining. Her feed is a wonderful conglomeration of ballet, travel, oddities, her perky awesome fashion sense and all her uber cool ballet friends. Follow and be entertained. She has great taste in everything!

So who do follow and recommend?


#NaBloPoMo July 1, 2016 Let’s get writing again!

The #NaBloPoBo topic for July 1st is an interesting question, one that had me scratching my head at first.

What was the first blog you read online? 

Wow, that feels like a really long time ago! Pre-blogs, who remembers when we were pre-blog? But of course I remember it’s just that it feels so… normal now. People blog and we read them, sometime we follow, sometimes we comment… its part of learning about the world, about people, even about connecting.

I’m pretty sure that the first blog I read online was Johanna’s Pointe Til You Drop. At least that’s how I remember it. I loved Johanna’s blog from the first. She is always so honest and straightforward yet always kind and thoughtful. I love her passion and devotion to ballet. She shares her journey in dance so openly and completely with her readers. And for a new student of ballet, she was an image of hope – hope that a person, me specifically, could maybe perhaps possibly learn ballet as an adult. What a gift!! Nothing has changed in that respect, I still love Pointe Til You Drop. I still think it is one of the best dance blogs in blogosphere. I still think that Johanna is one of the most wonderful sources of inspiration for all adult dancers.