Breaking Ballet, Ballerina Body, and My Anti-Stress Year

I have in front of me Misty Copeland’s new book, Ballerina Body, a fabulously pink covered book titled My Anti-Stress Year by Gilles Diederichs, and my copy of Brett Blumenthal’s 52 Small Changes for the Mind that I worked through last year. I also have a second screen open to Sarah Aspinall’s website Breaking Ballet and an 8-week course to Ballet fitness. I’m ready. Sort of.

I’m completely out of shape, tired, and frustrated. It’s not just a physical workout thing to be sure but being fat and seditary doesn’t help matters that’s for sure. I’ve got a lot going on – who doesn’t! – but a person can’t just sit around waiting for the perfect time to makes changes. I’m not sure perfect even exists.

I’m going to use the Breaking Ballet calendar, since Sarah so wisely and so nicely already broke up the eight weeks and I’m going to layer over 52 Small Changes, My Anti-Stress, and Misty’s book and see if I can’t come out of the other end of 8 weeks feeling better. Looking better would be a plus too but it really isn’t the big thing, the big thing is to feel better inside.

So if you are interested in learning more about these programs, stay tuned, because here we go, we start today!!

All will be well,


Ballet and Books, Reading and Dancing

Who else is counting down the days for Misty Copeland’s new book, Ballerina Body!?!  I’m actually not Ms. Copeland’s biggest fan but I am looking forward to what I think is going to be an honest and compelling book. I do love the way that Ms. Copeland has been so open about her background and her struggle, not just as a 13-year-old with an incredibly late start for a professional ballerina but her more recent battles with weight and size and renewed discussions about race and color.

I’m still doing battle with getting back into shape for dancing and running, with returning to running looking more promising. That in itself is discouraging because my love for dancing is far and away greater than my love for running. It becomes apparent that I will now always have problems with my left foot and the compensation for regular daily usage has had a negative effect on my left ankle, knee and even hip at times. More often than not finding motivation has been a challenge, something I’m not used to as dance in and of itself has always been my motivation.

I’m looking forward to using Ms. Copeland’s new books as a sort of guideline, something to follow on the long road back to discovering myself.

The book is Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Graceful You by Misty Copeland. The title will be released March 21, 2017 and you can pre-order from Amazon, currently listed at $15.59 – make sure to order through AmazonSmile so that you can contribute to the charity of you choice.



Photo from AmazonSmile, downloaded March 2, 2017