Guest Post over at Grown Ups at the Barre

Hi guys, I’m guesting over at Grown Ups at the Barre, also known as B.M.A.D, Middle Aged and Dancing Ballet.  Check out my post on dealing with setbacks and adversity. Let me know what you think and what works for you!!

Throw Down & Go For It!! ~ Believe!


2014 was a tough year. With illness, injury, and other assorted grown-up “stuff” there wasn’t much time for ballet. 2015 is starting out equally strained. BUT, you know, sometimes it helps to look at things in a different way, from a different perspective, because it’s all true, it can just look completely new in an unusual light. Normally I would be focusing on today, January of 2015, the start of a new year. But right now I’m still in the midst of something and although it will be concluded soon, we all know that in the realm of the grown-up, things don’t always begin and end as cleanly as “once upon a time” and “they all lived happily after.” So right now I’m looking at the length and breath of a brand new year; a long year, new and untouched but so full and overflowing with amazing things!

Sometimes we get stuck on a single correction or a single class and it’s good to learn anew each and every opportunity. But sometimes we need to look at where we started or where we are going, all the progress that we’ve made and all the things that we are going to accomplish this year. Be brave and dream big! Throw down and go for it! Some days it’s going to be little turtle steps, it’s okay because other days you will amaze yourself and come out of the gate like a charging lion! I believe in a beautiful, big new year, I hope you do too.

~All will be well.