Guest Posting with Give Aways!!!

It’s no secret how much I love ballet shopping! I’ve recently come to the realization that I actually enjoy shopping for ballet stuff more than shopping for shoes. Whaaaaaat??? Yes. It’s true. And I looooooooooooove me some shoes. I recently saw a product on the internet and had to give it a try. It’s soft, it’s cute, it’s useful in each and every class, and boys will want it just as much as girls will… what is it you ask on bated breath!?!?!   Well you are just going to have to go over to Dance Advantage and check it out!

Go on… go now! oh, wait… Rebecca, the lovely owner of GypsyWears, the company that makes this magical product is very generously offering a Give Away! Yay! Free stuff!  Unfortunately, it’s limited to U.S. readers but you can read about them just the same. If you are outside the U.S. and end up wanting to purchase one, do not hesitate to contact Rebecca, she’s perfectly wonderful and I’m sure that she can work with you. Or let me know, I’ve been known to drop things into the mail for a person or two 😉  And make sure to like GypsyWears on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Okay… now go, whatcha waitin for!!!


Grown Ups at the Barre Still Kicking It!

Hey guys, the blog, Grown Ups at the Barre is still alive and kicking! Speaking of kicking, check out my new blog post on how NOT to get kicked in ballet class… you’ll want to know about that as it’s always better NOT to get kicked than, well,  to get kicked. Plus Bennet Gartside, First Soloist at The Royal Ballet in London, has now dubbed me the ballet police so you’ll want to see how I earned the title. 😀