Happiest New Year!​

Welcome to a brand new year! It’s the first few minutes of 2018 and I’m cuddling my 80-pound labrador retriever and watching a DVD of the Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty. There is a heck of a lot of noise going on outside, fireworks and happy hollering. It’s fine for those folks and I wish them well but Fred, my black lab, is just not having it and wants his mommy. Carboy is down with a Christmas cold so I’m just glad that coughing isn’t keeping him up; it will still be the first day of the new year tomorrow when he wakes up. I’m just sitting here thinking about how very blessed I am and have been this year. There have been quite a lot of things that I didn’t get to do – like restarting ballet classes – and lots of things that I relished – amazing travel and dance and meeting awesome people. I’ve learned a lot this year and made some great strides in my life. I’ve been pushed into making some decisions that will affect 2018 and I’ve made some very determined decisions about other things that will also mold the coming year. Overall, I’m overcome with a great feeling of hope and if there was one thing that I could share with you today on this first page of 2018 it would be just that, a great hope for the days to come and a passion for discovering and celebrating joy in every one of those days.

All will be well,

~Lorry,    Bead109





Continuing an Interview with Sun King Dance Camp for Grown-Ups

I know that you are all interested in dance camp but I know that you are probably like me and still hemming and hawing about the whole idea. To be honest, one of my first thoughts about dance camp is that even at the adult dancer level, it’s all about the natural dancers, the dancers who have particular talents, and the stars of adult ballet class… so I asked the lovely folks at Sun King Dance Camp, is camp a place for a singularly ordinary dancer like me?

 How do you know when you are ready?

This is a personal decision but it’s prudent to seek the advice of your teachers and your doctor. If you are just starting ballet classes, we recommend having at least a year of training before you come to camp as a Level 1 – Beginner. This is because we want to make sure you have a good experience. A base of knowledge of terminology, steps and etiquette are important. Becoming overwhelmed with information or being overtired is not conducive to fun and learning.

Camp consists of multiple classes in one day, so it’s very important to be healthy and fit enough for this kind of intense activity. Because one of our goals is for everyone to leave healthy and happy, we offer a Short Day Curriculum, which has fewer classes, for those who aren’t ready for the Full Day.

Dancing is the best training for dancing, but it’s also good to cross train in preparation for an intensive. Some good ideas for cross training are: Pilates, running/cycling/swimming, Zumba, and gyrotonics. Increase the number of dance classes you take. Camp consists of 3+ classes a day so try to take 2 classes a day, or one dance class plus a cross-training activity. Eat nutritious foods and get plenty of sleep to help your body get stronger!

Why is camp for everyone and not just class “stars”?

It doesn’t matter to us whether you a star in your class at home or at camp. Everyone deserves our time and attention. You are a star to us when you are interested, engaged and applying new information. Our goal to bring out the best dancer you can be.

To this end we have different levels at camp and we make class size a priority, everyone studies at their own level and each class is a learning opportunity. Teaching adults is our joy. Our intensives are a place to learn and develop your own gifts, and enjoy yourself.

I like the idea camp but how can I be sure it’s for someone like me?

Only you know when and if the time is right to attend an intensive, and remember not all intensives offered by us are the same. In summary, if you want to meet new dance friends, improve your skills or brush up on them, have a great time, and get away from everyday life, then this camp might be for you.

We hope you’ll come join us soon! Feel free to contact Heidi with any questions.

**Stay tuned because before I finish up with this series of questions with Sun King, I get to feature a male adult dancer who has attended camp for another wonderful perspective on what it is like to go to camp.**

Sun King Dance Camp: Photo belongs to Sun King Dance Camp

Sun King Dance Camp: Photo belongs to Sun King Dance Camp