Carboy & Slippery Sylphides

Paris Opera Ballet Les Sylphides is on playing on the DVD and Carboy decides to take a break from creating small explosions and subsequent fires in the backyard.

Me:  Shall I put something else on?

Carboy: No this is fine. What is it?

Me:  Les Sylphides, we haven’t seen it performed live yet.

Carboy: Ok, because I didn’t think I’d slept through guys in catholic school skirts yet.

Me:  This guy, James, is going to marry this girl but there is a sylphide, a fairy basically who is hot for him.

Carboy:  So no real storyline that makes decent sense, got it.

Me:  We don’t watch ballet for deep literary storyline.

Carboy:  Whoa, whoa, whoa…did that slippery fairy thingy just do a drive-by? She just did it again!

Me:  Yeah. I have no defense for that skateboard move on behalf of my beloved Paris Opera.


Carboy:  So this guy is taking love advice from a witch in the forest dancing around a giant caldron? And I thought Siegfried was dumb.

Me:  You think Siegfried is dumb?

Carboy:  Yeah, he didn’t come off as the sharpest tool in the shed. Shoot the duck-girl? fall in love with the duck-girl? doesn’t recognize the duck-girl cuz she’s wearing black…not too bright.

Me:  She was a swan, but I see what you’re saying.

Carboy:  So skirt guy just killed slippery fairy girl?

Me: Yes, she’s dead and being carried off to slippery fairy girl heaven.

Carboy: Did he just drop dead?

Me: Yes.

Carboy:  Shouldn’t he be flailing around or something? Don’t they usually take 1/2 an act to actually die, like that Tyde-bowl guy in Romeo & Juliet?

Me: Not this time. This time, he just drops dead.

Carboy: And that’s the end?

Me: Yes, evil is triumphant.

Carboy: Cool. So when do we go see it?

My Carboy rules!

Me: By the way, how is it that you remember Siegfried’s name?

Carboy: Vegas magician.

Me: I was impressed too soon.

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