New Years Resolutions – Ballet Edition

In 2011, I will…

1.    be consistent in attending class. I will remind myself that going to class is energizing and just makes me feel better.  I want to improve and class is the way to get there.

2.   be consistent in taking class notes.  My ability to remember everything is limited. Taking notes right after class with allow me to continue to learn even after leaving the studio.

3.   use the mirror as a tool for improvement. I know that I use the mirror incorrectly when I use it at all. Usually I avoid it like the plague. When I do use it, it becomes an agent of ridicule and judgement. I will use the mirror to look for correct positions and movements and make sure to correlate what I see with how I feel.

4.   concentrate on putting it all together all the time. I have a tendency to concentrate on one part of my body – just my legs, just my arms, just my feet etc. I need to work on focusing on putting it all together and being aware of my whole body in movement.

5.   strengthen my feet. I will be consistent and complete my foot exercises daily. I will not be foot lazy in class and I will be conscious of the floor.

6.  improve my turnout. I know that sometimes I get lazy about my turnout and close it in for comfort. I can work harder and it can get better. Comfort is over-rated.

7.   expand my ballet knowledge. I have my “favorite” dancers, ballets, music, and companies. I will try new things and open myself up to new dance experiences.

8.   support the home team. Its fun to travel to see ballet, but my city has a company which I rarely see. I will still travel for dance, but I will spend more time looking for great experiences by small local companies here at home.

I look forward to a great year of enjoying, sharing, supporting, and learning more ballet! Cheers to 2011!!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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