It’s Looking A Lot Like Summertime

Good-bye May 2011 you were tons of fun. The month was spent  working on my dissertation, getting a few interesting things done at work, going to car shows, finding a wonderful new ballet teacher to take me to the new level in my dancing and as it comes to a close, I can honestly say that May was a really nice month.

Summer has never been my favorite. I’m not a person who likes lying out on the beach with millions of other people. I’m not really fond of crowds nor do I do well with “down time.” But I’m beginning to understand that sitting out an entire season because of particular dislikes is ridiculous… especially if one lives in Southern California, land of year round summer! So I’ve decided to embrace summertime and make it my own.

So what does the month of June hold for Bead109?

Well, let’s start with the photo for June 2011 on my Manuel Legris calendar!

Writing, writing, & more writing

A new dance skirt for ballet class, I’m getting to like this!

A quick trip to New York –

American Ballet Theatre!

More ballet, more!!!

Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

and Ballet Cuba at the Dorothy Chandler

So I guess summertime isn’t so bad after all!

2 thoughts on “It’s Looking A Lot Like Summertime

  1. Yay, New York trip! Enjoy! By the way did you end up seeing the Royal Danish Ballet in So Cal last week? How were they? (I’m seeing them tomorrow night in Berkeley.)

    • Yay, thanks! I did! I was so excited, Royal Danish was SO good, you will LOVE them! I wish I had been able to see Napoli as well. They are a beautiful company! Enjoy, enjoy!

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