Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. which pretty much equates to a day off of work, enough food to feed a 3rd world country, and a parade & football on TV. Fortunately, I actually do have the day off from work – holidays are typically busy for people in my line of work – but I’m since it’s just me and Carboy it seems overkill to slaughter the fatted calf and go on the offensive at Trader Joe’s, plus neither of us like parades and we both agree that football is completely inane.

But not to lose the spirit of the whole thing, here’s a few things that I am truly grateful for…

I am grateful for Carboy who never fails to amaze me and make me laugh.

I am grateful for friends who understand my anti-social nature and put up with me anyway.

I am grateful for my little cat who’s psychotic fearlessness inspires me.

I am grateful for my dogs who are the perfect examples of how to love.

I am grateful for beauty. I am grateful for time. I am grateful for words. I am grateful for thoughts. I am grateful for movement.

And I’m really grateful for whoever invented Fat Free Cool Whip because, dude, you rock!

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving L!

    Here in Finland we obviously don’t do Thanksgiving, but instead xmas is a huge deal. Basically we eat three days and lie around in pj’s. Then we eat all the leftovers until it’s time to bring in the New Year. But there are no parades, and no football (thanks for that!).

    Though I do like the idea of giving thanks.

    I’m grateful for my friends, and for twitter/Fb/blogging allowing me to find new friends. Grateful for family and that we don’t crowd each other. Grateful for being able to learn new things, especially anything on pointe. Grateful that my teachers believe in me.

    I’m grateful there is love, dance and youtube to allow me to see all the fabulous dancing!

    – Johanna

    • Thanks, Johanna. Christmas in Finland sound fabulous! good eats while wearing pjs sounds like my kind of fun 🙂

      I’ve truly been amazed by the friendships that I’ve made with twitter/fb/blogging… definitely something to be thankful for.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy belated T-day!
    Unfortunately the holiday spirits were dampened by the awful shopping splurge that followed. I can’t believe people will injure others just to get more and more stuff (stuff that they don’t probably need anyway) 😦

    • It’s a hard one to fathom… why would anyone become violent just to buy things?! I deal with criminal profiling quite a bit and as much as it is hard to believe that some people do the incredibly bad things that they have done, there is more often than not a psychological context to it, but assaulting someone at Wal-mart is without any kind of reasoning whatsoever! What is hopeful, however, is that we as a society are still shocked by the inimical behavior of a few rather than accepting it as par for the norm!

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