Catching Up With A Blog

It’s been a little bit since my last post! What happened? Oh, yeah, day job, dissertation, travel, sick, grown up responsibilities. **enter big sigh here**

So to catch up, let’s see, lot’s of great ballet classes with awesome ballet teacher, took a trip up the coast of california to see San Jose Ballet – which was awesome! Kept on going to San Francisco for Chinese food in Chinatown and chocolate sundaes at Ghiradelli Square. Came home and immediately caught a cold. Felt better and went back to ballet class… and here we are.

I’ve got a few cool projects in the works, including the one I hinted at a couple of weeks ago! The graphics file is done and I have a company lined up so things are moving forward. The excitement builds!

What to look forward to this week? Four ballet classes and going to see Los Angeles Ballet perform Swan Lake on Saturday night thanks to LAB dancer Chris McDaniel! 

Let there be ballet!

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