Stomp the Ballet Studio… Bring It.

Let’s face it, being corrected is basically being told that you are wrong and nobody likes that… right? It’s amazing how everything changes in ballet class. This week I had five ballet classes, including back to back classes on Saturday. At the end of the week, my armpits are sore… what’s up with that? Anyway back to what I was saying about corrections… some of the coolest moments in ballet classes this week were the corrections! No kidding! I’ve not been getting many corrections lately and was starting to wonder if that’s a bad thing in ballet class. To add to those worrisome thoughts, I was also starting to feel like I hit a plateau and haven’t been making any real progress. In fact, I was beginning to worry that maybe I’ve actually been getting worse!

This week, I got some amazing corrections. The first was during a fairly simple tendu exercise at the barre, some slow tendus followed by some fast tendus then into some rond de jambe a terres, frenchy-frenchy-french etc. My Amazing Ballet Teacher wanted to me feel the difference between the slow tendus and the fast tendus, the difference in the music and in the energy, to really use all of my foot and not to neglect the energy in the standing leg and then moving through the rond de jambes to explore the stretch and the whip of the leg and foot. During the week, I got corrections about exploring and working inside the music and corrections about very specific technical work. The last correction of the week was to be very careful about a little hip wiggle, mostly on my right side. As my Amazing Ballet Teacher was identifying the hitch and helping me recognize where it is and therefore how to rid myself of it, I felt the difference and although I was already in my 2nd hour of ballet class, I could feel a brightness and a lightness run through me. I gave him a smile that he returned and he said, “There, that’s clean.” Clean! Clean! I did something that could be termed clean technique!!! I realized that my corrections this week have all been on an entirely different level from the corrections that I had been getting only weeks before. And each correction fills me with hope, energy, and motivation that I am indeed progressing and that I am getting corrections that I am ready and capable of mastering.

Corrections, hard work, sweat, and new challenges – bring it! Let’s dig a little deeper, ballerini, let’s stomp the ballet studio like only ballet dancers can!


4 thoughts on “Stomp the Ballet Studio… Bring It.

  1. Your post sums up why I love corrections–at the very least, you have clear intentions about doing something! And I think discouragement often stems from not seeing the progress we want…but it’s easy to forget that we’re always informing and educating our bodies in ways we can’t see.

    Next thing you know, your body is prepared to do something amazing in class and it just happens! Sounds like your rond de jambes had that kind of epiphany.

    • That’s so true, Steve. It’s often hard to see progress even when it is occurring!

      I always listen to and apply all corrections given in class. I second guess myself a lot though, so I’m always wondering if I’m applying the corrections correctly. Which is why getting personal corrections is so great, it makes me realize what I am doing right or wrong.

  2. Great post! 🙂 It’s funny that I was thinking about this exact same thing this week, I am starting to notice that I actually do enjoy corrections- of course we can get frustrated sometimes- but corrections are in the end ofr own benefit. Hand’t seen it that way before…

    And five classes a week! I envy you 🙂

    • I’m excited to be able to have 5 classes right now! I realize that it’s such a luxury!

      I really try to keep from getting frustrated by remembering that ballet is hard and takes time and work. I’m not always successful but I want to continue to enjoy learning ballet, not for it to become a source of frustration and stress. I see corrections not as a critique of my dancing but as a guide and an aide to build on what I’m doing now to make it better. I like to think that my teacher corrects me because he wants me to dance better and because he believes that I’m ready to make those improvements. So I have begun to see corrections as compliments!


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