Team Ballerina – A Quick Rant

As much as one might want to believe that ballet is a singular pursuit, it’s not. Unless you are in a private session, ballet is done in a classroom environment and it is really, very much a team effort.

There is a spot on the floor in my studio that is crazy slick. I’ve almost wiped out on it a couple of times. Apparently someone in another class likes to oil up and then squirm around on the floor – the studio owner actually suggested that this might be the problem!

Here’s my point – let’s all be good ballet class citizens. If you spill water on the floor, clean it up; don’t use tons of lotion and slime it all over the studio; don’t use rosin if you aren’t supposed to – at another studio I watched beginner ballet students stomp through the rosin box in their flatties and leave sticky all over the floor!!!

Also, if we could all be aware of our use of space both at the barre and in center, that would be great. I hate feeling all squished up in a bunch instead of in lines and I won’t extend if I feel boxed in.

Also, ballet class is social but it is not social hour. If you chatter on like its happy hour, you can’t hear the teacher… also, you make it hard for everyone else to hear the teacher AND you make his job harder. Listen, I already feel for the man, my ballet teacher is beyond Awesome, but let’s face it, he’s trying to teach ballet to a bunch of lunatic adults who can barely tell their right from their left much less do anything graceful and coordinated. He already deserves a medal for bravery, give him a break – be quiet and pay attention.

I realize I’m kind of venting a bit but we’re all in this to learn and have fun, right!? Let’s play nice and be good ballet class citizens. The truth is that like any class that involves physical movement, people can get hurt – let’s not kick each other, create dangerous conditions in class, or get on each others nerves and everything will be, oh so much better in ballet class. After all we’re in this together!

Thanks for listening. Now let’s dance.

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