One Step Forward…Right Into A Pair of Sneakers

Beginnings are always messy.
– John Galsworthy

So I was all prepared to try to get back to class this week and in the spirit of not being totally out of it, I decided to do a little home barre to try to get my body to remember something, anything. Tendus, okay. Plies, okay, extensions, okay. Balances, okay. Pirouettes, meh. Balances en releve, meh… balances on one foot en releve, oh crap. The next morning getting dressed for work, I could not even walk out of the house in heels, so I grabbed a pair of flats and was still in so much pain, I had to run back in the house to change clothes so I could put on a pair of New Balance. It goes without saying that one should never wear New Balance with a skirt suit. Nooooo. *finger wag*. I have been in New Balance all week long. That makes me sad because first of all I am not a girl to go to work in jeans and sneakers and more importantly I knew that this was going to be slow going but not at the pace of a snail with arthritis and the gout.

Come on foot, get with the program! I’ll take you out for a pedicure and a massage if you are nicer to me. Pretty please!

6 thoughts on “One Step Forward…Right Into A Pair of Sneakers

  1. I am so sympathetic to your recent struggles! Broke my leg (upper and lower) beginning of last April. My doc has had me completely non weight bearing until this week! No ballet for FIVE MONTHS. Argh. And now my leg is so weak. I can’t believe how much I miss ballet. Hopefully will be strong enough in the next few weeks to try at least a barre. I don’t think I can go til I lose the walker. Would freak out the teachers if I hobbled in!! Stay strong!

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