November’s Gratitude Day 14

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Insomnia. I tried to take a nap after work today. No dice. Still. Insomia. I’m definitely not grateful for insomnia. It’s usually a reaction to stress when it occurs. I’ve had some pretty bad bouts of it here and there. I’ll tell you what I am grateful for today… I am grateful that I am a person who chooses to do things, to be involved, and to care passionately about my work – all my work. I haven’t figured out quite how to deal with everything without an amount of stress occurring here and there but I’d rather have that in my life than have an existence without passion, without consideration, and without challenge. I choose the possibility of a few sleepless nights and a few stressful days for the joys and celebrations of living a life filled with things that challenge me to care, to think, to work, to fail, and to succeed!

And on that note, I wish you and me a restful good night! 

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