November’s Gratitude Day 21

Sitting in the living room, surrounded by copies of my dissertation, piles of books – art catalogues from around the world, scholarly journals, the latest book by Tim Gunn – laptop, journals, a box of Sharpies, a can of Diet Coke and a mug of hot tea. The cat is curled up on a pillow, lifting her head every time the dog snorts in his sleep. The dog is snoring in front of the fireplace. Carboy had decided to start Thanksgiving early with a slice of pumpkin pie and I’m marveling at how I had completely forgotten how good Cool Whip is. The insane Duck Dynasty reality show is on television. I’m half watching to it through my headphones as I am also half listening to Lang Lang playing Chopin. The house is dark and quiet and smells of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Some might consider moments like these the lull between life but I know these evenings are the joy of my life, these are the moments to be enjoyed, savored, and remembered. And to be grateful for.

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