November’s Gratutide Day 29

I always have some sort of journal with me, it’s become a habit since childhood. I jot down thoughts, quotes, ideas, books, dates, authors, music – all kinds of things that I come across in my day, real or imagined. Sometimes I sit down and flip through a few pages for reminders, inspiration, or just to see where I’ve been the day before.  Today I grabbed a journal that I haven’t written in a while – they aren’t necessarily kept in date order, I like to mix it up a bit – and spent a few minutes flipping through it. I looked for the last entry so that I could make a note about an out of print book that I need to track down. And this is what I found,

Entfaltung- unfolding; launching into; developing

There was also an assortment of academic notes with regard to future studies that I want to do around entfaltung as a construct… but what struck me today was the word itself – entfaltung. It’s a new start or a continuation, the preciousness of a bud becoming a blossom, the power of the push off and launch into an enormous swan dive, it is the perfect stretch and reach of a delicious developpe !  Entfaltung! Begin! Unfold! Launch into something or nothing! Entfaltung can be quiet and soft or magnificent and sweeping , but there is always power in movement. Today I am grateful for entfaltung and embracing the process of becoming.

2 thoughts on “November’s Gratutide Day 29

  1. Love this post…I also journal but unconventionally, like you. I keep little notebooks with me where I jot down stuff I did, stuff I want to do, things I’m thinking about, things I notice, my workouts, my dance classes/corrections. And it seems silly sometimes (and I have those days where I ask myself “why do I do this again?”) but then looking back through those pages, I see patterns and notice that I’m thinking out loud and working things out for myself in those conversations with my inner self. It’s nice to have a record of that and it does help me keep order upstairs 😉

    • Exactly! It’s very cool that you can not only see where you were in time (well, and space too!) but also where you are now and how some things have new meanings over time! Like this entry in my journal which was once just academic – I probably read it in a journal article and made note because I had to look it up and found the work interesting at the time – but now it has a totally different meaning!

      Oh, I also try to remember combinations from dance class that I especially liked and write them down along with the music. I love to rediscover those, they are little choreographic jewels! 😀

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