Starting the New Year Off Fresh!

January 1st is many things including a rare DAY OFF FROM $WORK!!! YAY!!! And never one to waste a day off, I spent the day doing lots of fun things to get ready for the new year. Okay, I know that my idea of fun is somewhat unusual… okay, I’m weird. Anyway, among other things I decided to clean, arrange, and prepare for a great new year is my dance stuff. Every now and again, just randomly, I go through my dance bag and through my bins of dance stuff. It isn’t a usual aspect of my Happy New Year routine but I think that it’s going to become part of my yearly ritual for the future. Actually I might calendar the whole process for a couple of times a year!

Dance Bag:

  1. I emptied my dance bag out completely. My bag isn’t really washable but I did turn it inside out and used a hand vac on the interior and then febreezed it completely.
  2. Because my bag isn’t washable, I keep a washable inner bag for sweaty dance clothes. I wash that regularly but I took it out to check it for holes, the zipper, etc.
  3. I went through all my regular dance bag items. Fixed, threw out, and/or replaced everything. Replenished items like band aids, hair bands, etc.
  4. Washed all foot rollers and exercise bands. After washing with mild soap, dust lightly with powder to get them back to new. Exercise bands should be checked for tears and/or weak spots which will happen with regular use.


Then I went through all my dance things, which I currently keep in separate bins in my closet. I love to shop for ballet things and it shows. I went through my leos and skirts and separated out the ones that are more suited to spring and summer, those I put into a plastic storage bin and set it aside. It will be fun to go through them again when the weather warms up! Then I went through my tights. Oy! Really old messed up tights got thrown out – why is it so difficult to throw out old tights? The ones that could be turned into warmy tops were cut and set aside. I went through all my shoes, sewed elastics and powdered the worn but still good flatties. I wear my flatties until they are coming apart at the seams because they just get so darn comfortable when they are perfectly broken in but that is also usually the time when they are full of holes. I’m not sure if powdering flatties is a normal thing but I hate washing them, even though canvas ones can be washed and I do like canvas. I turn the shoe inside out and cover well with baby powder. I leave them like that for about an hour and then beat the crap out of them to get all the powder out. You have to beat them really well because otherwise you will leave powder on the shoes and that will make the floor slippery for yourself and others and that would be bad. But I haven’t had a problem. I never powder on the outside and if I overpowered, I use a hand vac to get all the excess powder off. The shoes stay really fresh and clean after.

IMG_0699 IMG_0703


It was great to go through everything, to make sure that all my things are ready to put to use, and to arrange things for convenience. I also made a list of things that I will need to replenish soon and put that on my ballet calendar so that I’m not scrambling later on. I know a few dancers who show up to class with a pair of shoes in their hands and that’s it. That’s not me. I like to be prepared for myself and for my classmates as well. I carry around a lot of stuff and to be honest, I find some comfort in having a well stocked dance bag. So taking the time to arrange, organize, and refresh all my dance things has not only put all my things in order physically but also given me time to organize all these things in my mind. It’s amazing how a brand new pair of pink tights, a pretty colored leotard, or a soft pair of leg warmers can be so much fun!

I’m feeling ready and inspired, my leotards and dance skirts are begging to go dancing! Let’s go to class!!!

P.S. I also checked the ash tray in my car. I don’t smoke so I use it to hold change and small bills which is inevitably my dance class parking money.

8 thoughts on “Starting the New Year Off Fresh!

  1. What a good way to start the year! I have a nasty habit of saving my beyond old t-shirts with my ballet stuff, as a way to prolong their life. They need to go, holes in armpits aren’t good in the everyday, or in the studio. I should definitely spend some time this weekend before ballet starts again. I also just bought new flats because I happened to be at the Repetto store in Paris (ribbons are pre-sewed, yah!) and I bought a similar ballet bag to yours so I need to stock that and get ready for the new season. Thanks for the inspo!

    • I LOOOVVVEEE Repetto. ❤ Yikes, the old t-shirts! I had a few with holes that I kept throwing back into the bin saying to myself… oh yeah, I'll sew that later and, of course, never did and just kept wearing them with holes. I ended up repairing one and throwing out the rest. At some point a good clean up and organization just needed to be done, what better time than New Year. It turned out to be fun and I hope you enjoy your New Year ballet prep too!

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