Ballet Wordie

What has ballet done to me? I used to be a wordie, you know, like a foodie, but with words. Then I wrote a dissertation, got tired, stopped dancing, and seemingly ran out of words. The world has been a quiet place. I’m not complaining too much about that. I’ve longed for some peace and tranquility in my brain. I’ve even had moments when I’ve envied my cat and her small, dark cat cube hidden away in the corner.


But the longing to dance has returned, the need to step into the studio and be whisked away by the music and the sound of my teachers voice is again a steady and strong pull. And with dancing comes the return of my words. No dance, silence. Dance, words. It’s like movement is creating thoughts and shaking them loose to spill out in letters dancing across the page.

Who would have imagined? I’m a ballet wordie.

5 thoughts on “Ballet Wordie

  1. I think it has a lot to do with being creative in general, at least for me. If I’m stagnant in one creative area, it generally caries over. Dance is magic in that it lets you open up so much.

    • Dance has very much been a key lately, one that opens many locks. When I’m able to get a creative mojo going in one area, it absolutely carries over into other areas 🙂

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