Here is your BIG challenge!

Been having some tough times in and or with class lately? Have you been looking in the mirror and worrying about what you see? Has your confidence been as shaky as your balance? Are you angry at your feet, your knees, your toes?

I hear you. Ballet class is tough. And it is as tough on the emotions as it is on the feet. Sometimes tougher.  It is so easy to fall prey to overstimulated self-criticism. I know that I do it all the time. I don’t really know why I can so easily bypass a garden of beautiful and meaningful compliments and focus on the one single and sharp insult to my heart. But I do, all the time. I fixate all the time. I’m good at that – I’m sort of like a little pit bull. I can grab hold of something and never let it go. But where does that get me?  Nowhere good and I get there really fast. So I’m going to try to let go of the negative by focusing on the positive.

So here is my challenge – can you come up with five awesome things about your beautiful dancing self? I think you can. Here’s my go at it…

  1. I have strong legs.
  2. I have graceful arms.
  3. I have a bright smile. (Listen, half the battle is looking like it’s easy, right?!)
  4. I have crazy good dimples. (Not much to do with dance but I say cuteness never hurt anything.)
  5. I am small and “concentrated.” I may be short but I pack an energetic punch!

Your turn… you can do it! It’s really not that hard and its way more rewarding than sitting around beating yourself up. And if you get on a roll, you can even list more than five! 😉

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14 thoughts on “Here is your BIG challenge!

  1. I love this idea! It sure is good to think about something positive. I just find that really hard to do in connection with ballet haha! And that’s exactly your point of course.. I know..

  2. Love it too! Do you mind if I take the answers over to my blog? I’ve been thinking about writing a body-image post, and this would fit in very nicely… I will of course back-link to your blog!

    Btw, some of “My Five Awesome Things” are almost identical to yours!

    – Johanna

  3. Reblogged this on Secrets of a Balletomane and commented:
    Since I have not been taking ballet class for a while due to my health condition, I think this challenge is pretty easy to take up as I have not had the opportunity to get fixated on all the flaws of my physique and technique.

    So the challenge from fellow blogger Bead109 is:

    “Can you come up with five awesome things about your beautiful dancing self?”

    Here is my list:
    1. I am focused.
    2. I have a good posture.
    3. I am confident.
    4. I am motivated.
    5. I have good musicality.

    How about you? Up for a challenge?

  4. Also you’re smart and you have a great sense of humor, missy 😊 these are just as important in ballet class as any physical attributes xox

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