Half Way Thru November’s Big Commitment

Whew. We are half way through November, where is this month going???  This AcWriMo thing is tough, pair it with a commitment to ballet-everyday and I’m a tired girl. Interestingly it’s not really that physical kind of tired so much as that tired you feel when you are trying to make long-term changes. That’s more of a mental sort of tired and emotional tired. Even when it’s something that you want to do, change is hard. I’ve been away from ballet class for a long time and going back has been spotty at best, even this month it hasn’t been a class every day, rather something dance related movement or exercise every day. It’s great that ballet is more than just exercise but sometimes it complicates things. Sometimes my love for ballet class is challenged by how I’m feeling about all those crazy things that don’t actually have anything to do with ballet class. For the remainder of this month, I will remind myself everyday that even though I’m working on a brighter and better version of me, I will be thankful for what I have, where I am, and what I am right now.


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