What I’m Loving – January 2015 – All Ballet Issue

It’s been a long time since I did a “What I’m Loving Now” post, probably over a year. But I thought I’d bring it back and start off with an All Ballet Issue! So I hope you enjoy and let me know what you are loving during January, this first month of the new year.

I am really loving this leotard. I don’t really get to wear super cute leotards with strategic cut outs because I have to wear an industrial grade sports bras that holds, you know, everything down but they aren’t the cutest things in the world. I’d like to wear this with one of these colorful long sleeve stretch shirts from AMB Designs underneath! It would camouflage the sports bra and add a pop of color plus it would keep me warm during these cold winter months.

Capezio “Sunburst” Camisole Leotard, Style No. TC0039W DiscountDance.com, $36.50


Photo property of DiscountDance.com

Long Sleeve Sheer Stretch Shirt by AMB Designs, Pampos.com, $19.00 (on sale right now for $15.00)


Photo property of Pampos.com

Same with this lovely leotard by Mirella. This basket weave “Sunray” leotard from DiscountDance.com, Style No. MJ7166, $41.65 is really adorable. I just wonder if the feeling of all the straps against my back would feel distracting once I started moving around.


Photo property of DiscountDance.com

I’m feeling like a longer skirt this winter. I already got this Bodywrappers skirt in black. It’s slightly higher in the front and very flattering. I like the way it swirls around my legs when turning.

Bodywrappers Hi-Low Pull On skirt, Style No. 989, DiscountDance.com, $17.50


Photo property of DiscountDance.com

I usually start class in a lot of layers. I like a generous top that I can remove easily in between exercises. The design on this long sleeve tee is wonderful and it comes in white or black.

Etsy.com, Designer4Dance, Dolman Long Sleeve T-shirt, $28.00


Photo property of Designer4Dance

When I want a tight tee shirt to wear throughout class for a little extra warmth on my back, my favorite is this Danskin New York City Ballet cap sleeved tee.

Danskin, NYCB Tee Shirt from the NYCB collection, Style No. DN2021, $28.00.


Photo property of Danskin.com

I like to pair it with these super comfy crop pants, also by Danskin from the NYCB collection. I never thought I would like harem cut pants but they are incredibly warm and soft and give a great range to move around in. They are nice and big so that I can whip them off after a few exercises at the barre once my hips, thighs, and knees are all warm. Bonus points for the cute little NYCB logo patch on the bum.

Danskin Warm Up Crop Pant from the NYCB collection, Style No. DN3050, $38.00

Photo property of Danskin. com

Photo property of Danskin. com

These Bloch booties are still one of my very favorite things. I have them in purple and in dark grey but they come in an array of colors, one just has to find them!! They are so soft and warm. They fit well over my flatties and are easily removed at the barre and smash up pretty well to fit into my dance bag. As soon as I find a pair in pink, they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!

Bloch booties, DiscountDance.com, Style No. IM009, $36.75


Photo property of DiscountDance.com

Lastly, I saw this one on Pinterest and I love the idea! I’m very bad at drinking enough water. It’s something I’m always vowing to try harder with. I like the idea of set intervals and reachable goals right on the water bottles. It’s important to stay hydrated all day long and not just in class. Cheers!


Photo from Pinterest


So what are a few of your favorite things for ballet class this winter?



10 thoughts on “What I’m Loving – January 2015 – All Ballet Issue

  1. It seems everybody is ogling leotards these days (me, too). Wearing a stretch shirt with those leotards seems to be a good idea. I, too, need some coverage for bra straps. The plight of the busty dancer…

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