Monday, November 2 of #NoBloPoMo

Monday, November 2

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

hmmmmm… I wasn’t really a toy kid but I actually can take this topic to ballet because most of the kids that I knew in school took dance or music lessons and music lessons was something that I really would have liked as a kid. I had the opportunity to learn music from couple of musical relatives (who were self-taught) but except for a rare lesson here and there, it wasn’t something that I got to partake in in any kind of regular basis. I wasn’t really interested in dance as a child so dance lessons weren’t something that I was jealous about. I know for many, ballet lessons as adults are a childhood dream fulfilled but for me, dance was something that I discovered as an adult. I think that however a person comes to dance, it’s a great journey. And I think it’s pretty special that we aren’t limited to a brief segment of time, never to be repeated, nor fulfilled if we missed out.

~ We can always have new dreams!

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