Tokyo, New York, Sylvie, Isabelle, Naomi, Robin, and Me!!!

Last year was not really a year of ballet class for me but it was a year of travel, spending time with amazing people, and watching some crazy good dance.

In August I was able to attend the World Ballet Festival for about a week. It’s actually on for several weeks but my wallet and my vacation time bank didn’t allow for the full festival. I was able to attend two different programs though and they were excellent. The line up of dancers was incredible, as always for festivals and galas in Japan. I got to see Ulyana Lopatkina’s Dying Swan… I will be happy about that forever ❤️


I also got to attend an evening with the lovely Naomi Mori! What a gem! I love to have a visit with her whenever I’m in Tokyo.


The World Ballet Festival is held every three years. I’ll be saving up some money and some vacation time for the next one, that’s for sure!

Sorry the photo is blurry but it does capture well how I'm feeling!

Sorry the photo is blurry but it does capture well how I’m feeling!

Sylvie Guillem was having her grand finale tour in New York in November. I’m actually not a big fan of Madame Guillem. It’s no secret that I’m really not into all the crazy extensions and whatnot but it seemed to be “the” event of dance for 2015 and as I’ve actually never seen her dance in person before I thought that I’d take advantage of this last opportunity. Plus, I always love a trip to New York.

A visit to the Morbid Anatomy Museum, a shopping trip to Obscura for some skulls, subways and city parks, loving New York after an absence of several years. This trip was extra special because I got to meet up with two amazing and wonderful ladies.

Carboy and I spent an afternoon for lunch and a trip to the Whitney Museum with Isabelle Guerin. Yes, that Isabelle Guerin. Intelligent, funny, and interesting, she’s fabulous!


Sharing a laugh!

Then there were the performances. After  years of being great pals via the inter webs, I finally got to meet the wonderful Robin Mahboeb!! We had a quick bite at a diner and then watched Sylvie’s performance together at City Center. Epic has a new definition.


I just have to say, I stand in awe of the power of communication via social media. Real friendships can be made and nurtured via the internet and it’s really wonderful then to be able to see the results in real life.

2015 was pretty awesome. I do intend to get back to regular ballet classes in 2016 and I’m looking forward to more ballet, more ballet travel, and meeting up with more of my lovely and amazing friends (that’s you too!!)

Raise a glass to living the dream, my dear friends, everything is possible! Cheers and let us enjoy a brand new 2016 with so many good things for each of us.

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