Bush Ballerina & The Quest for Ballet Class

Every now and again, I get a little discouraged and let myself run to being uninspired. It’s my own fault of course. I start to get distracted by grown up person things and start skipping class and focus on the problems of class schedules, costs, distances, new teachers, parking, and on and on and on. And for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into, I’ve been feeling a little bit worse for wear on the ballet front and then I read a blog post by the delightful Bush Ballerina. If you are not aware of BB, she is a lovely adult ballet student who lives out in the bush of Australia. Now I’ve never been to Australia, I’ve only seen movies about the outback and enjoy Russell Crowe’s accent – although technically, I think he is from New Zealand. In addition to being in the serious middle of nowhere both BB and baby-BB have a pretty complicated medical condition. But somewhere in all this, the sweet BB found ballet. Isn’t dance wonderful! Most people will advise you not to study ballet on your own and for some valid reasons. But when you are in the bush, well, I ask you, what exactly might be a budding ballerina’s options? Fly to Sydney. Yes. Fly. to. Sydney. I cry about having an hour commute in traffic to cross town. And I need to shut up about that. I’ve been known to get on a plane to attend the ballet and when I’m on my travels, I’ve been known to take a class or two… but I’ve never flown anywhere just to take class. That, my ballet friends, is dedication, love, and passion. And right now I’m more than a little bit humbled and definitely put in my place for any and all complaints that I might have been thinking over the past couple of months. But enough about me… please check out Bush Ballerina’s blog and help her get to Sydney for her lessons. She is now selling really great BB products to help fund her ballet lessons. Of the many things that I have learned from taking ballet class as an adult, one very important thing is that your ballet friends are your best allies. Adult dancers are some of the most interesting, amazing, crazy people on the planet! And when you have a ballet posse, even one that only exists virtually, you have a wonderful and totally fabulous force on your side. Let’s all support Bush Ballerina who is out there in the wilds of Australia, maybe far away but not alone!


and you can also follow her on twitter at @BushBallerina

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