Happy July! Summer, Here We Go!

I can honestly say I have NO idea what happened to June! But since I have no choice, Hello July! I’m not usually a fan of the month that is the epitome of summertime here in Southern California. This year, however, I have been waiting on bated breath for July and let me tell you why…

I always switch to a lighter scent for the summer. This year I picked out YSL’s Parisienne. And, yes, I do smell French… oh la la!

One of my favorite things about summertime is the classic white summer dress

paired with a fantastic floppy hat

and a hip new pair of Ray-Bans

or a great pair of brightly colored jeans!

all packed away in my luggage because I’m going to Japan!!!

where I’m going to eat Takoyaki, mmmm Octopus 🙂

and head off to Mt. Fuji

but most IMPORTANTLY – The New Universe of Manuel Legris!!!

starring Patrick de Bana

and Friedemann Vogel

and Maria Eichwald

and, of course, Manuel Legris, god of ballet

I’m ready for the ballet glow that comes with a ballet vacation which is way better than a summertime vaca tan any day! Bring on July!!!

9 thoughts on “Happy July! Summer, Here We Go!

  1. I’m not sure who replaced the husband who used to snore LOUDLY during ballet with a husband who is cool to go all the way to Japan to see ballet, but Holla! for the fairygodmother who is responsible for that move!

    I promise to share all 😀

  2. Sounds amazing!!!! Please do share EVERYTHING! (sorry, I sound scary) have a wonderful time and rock that floppy hat! Great fashion choices!!!

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