Japanese Adventures – Day 1

Okay, seriously, Japan is awesome!

Too bad that right now instead of being coherent enough to write about my Day 1 adventures, I think I might be experiencing a special brand of jet lag, Japanese jet lag… whoa. So tired right now.

So, quick highlights…

1.  It takes a little over 12 hours to get to Tokyo from Los Angeles, pacing the aisles of an airplanes does not increase the speed.

2.  Japanese breakfast includes miso soup and rice, even on an airplane; this is very yummy.

3.  Japanese customs is pretty efficient and friendly, especially in comparison to some countries who shall remain nameless but you know who you are. (I still love you France and the U.S., the difference, however, may be growing in increments.)

4. In Japan, people mostly obey the rules of the road.

5. In Japan, public service workers really like helmets.

6. Overall, hats are totally in.

7.  Japanese boys can do things with their hair that would make that Bieber kid weep with envy.

8. The train is the way to go! But you must have a phone. Preferably a flip phone, you are not allowed to talk on it but you must have one to stare at.

9. Japanese girls still wear pantyhose (some, not all). I haven’t seen pantyhose in years.

10. The wise carry a small hand towel with them when walking around. After five minutes of walking around in a Japanese summer and sweating through your shirt, you realize that this is a super good move.

11. You cannot go thirsty for long in Japan as there are vending machines everywhere. Pocari Sweat does not sound appetizing, but let me assure you, it is a brilliant drink.

12. People queue very nicely (again, unlike some countries who think that a mob and a line are the same basic concept, I won’t call you out France and Italy, just sayin’). Just bear in mind, however, there are to be no gaps in the line or they will be filled in.

12. One more person can always fit… and so can five more people or ten more people…

Recap: I went to sleep on a plane out of Los Angeles on Sunday night and woke up in Japan on Tuesday morning. I have no idea what happened to Monday. In the course of the past 24 hours or so, I’ve been in a car service, an airplane, a bus, a taxi, and several trains! I’ve been to a castle, a temple, a shrine, a museum, a bar, a restaurant, an Italian espresso cafe, and a mega store to end all mega stores. I’m a little tired now so I think I’ll get some sleep. Good night, Japan, thanks for a great day! I had so much fun, let’s do it again tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Japanese Adventures – Day 1

  1. I had a horrid day on Monday, so I could have done with a trip to Japan 😀 And OMG Japanese breakfast sounds diviiiiiine! I really love Japan and want to visit as soon as I can! Loving reading about ur holidays!! Have a great time!!!

  2. I´m so loving this post-serial!
    I´ve always wanted to visit Japan. Someday.. Are you planning on going to any of those flagship ballet mega-stores?

    Have the best time – I´m traveling vicariously here 🙂

    • Thanks, Johanna!

      I am so glad that we decided to take this trip. I am really loving Japan! I haven’t made plans to hit any of the ballet mega-stores yet but I’m going to look into it tonight. We are headed out to Mt. Fuji tomorrow, so maybe over the weekend 🙂

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