The Manu-athon of Ballet: Prelude

or also known as Manu-apalooza… okay, okay, officially it was The New Universe of Manuel Legris II, which is a pretty awesome universe and I’d love to live there if I could!

Opening night, U-Port Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 1st row balcony seats, intermission…

Me: * sigh of satisfaction* Oh, did you just love that?

Carboy: Is there more?

Me: This is intermission, there is a whole second half.

Carboy: Seriously??? That was the longest not-story ballet in the history of humanity!

Me: I thought it was incredible.

Carboy: I’m not saying that it wasn’t good but it was looooong.

Me: It’s a Manu-athon of ballet!

I’ll be writing up the performances from opening night & closing night of the The New Universe of Manuel Legris II so stay tuned!!!

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