The Manu Marker – Updated with Photos

At Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan…

Me: This is my Manu marker.

Carboy: Your what???

Me: My Manu marker.

Carboy: That’s the marker?

Me: Yes. Do you want to touch it?

Carboy: Not really. Can I?

Me: No. Only I get to hold it.

Carboy: Are you going to build a shrine for it?

Me: Not a shrine. I was just thinking maybe a display case.

Carboy: With  lighting and a turn table?

Me: Climate controlled.

Carboy: But of course!!!

Me: Are you sure you don’t want to touch it?

Carboy: Are you going to let me?

Me: No. But you can look at it. I also have a Manu pen.

Carboy: Can I touch that?

Me: No.





2 thoughts on “The Manu Marker – Updated with Photos

    • Carboy was so awesome! He and Japanese Cardude waited at the stage door with me and both took photos for me! It was funny that they were both saying “that guy?!?!?!” I think they were expecting someone more traditionally “hunky” – hahaha! It was fabulous, truly!

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