You Snooze You Lose

Carboy:  So when are we going back to San Francisco?

Me: January. San Francisco Ballet is doing Onegin.

Carboy: Which one is that?

Me:  It was the last thing that Manuel did at the gala.

Carboy: Remind me of the story.

Me: Tatiana falls in love with Onegin but he’s a jerkwad, there are complications, years go by, blah, blah, blah, Onegin comes back but Tatiana is already married and moved on. She wrote him a love letter in the beginning and in evil irony he writes her a love letter at the end so she rips it up and sends him packing.

Carboy:  Nice.

Me: But didn’t you think that Manuel was so repentant and pathetic that she should have given him a second chance?

Carboy: No, she’s married.

Me: But for Manuel… he was so sorry, he lay down at her feet.

Carboy: Married.

Me: Maybe she doesn’t even love her husband.

Carboy: Married. Besides you snooze, you lose.

Me: Is that what we are calling Onegin from now on?

Carboy: Exactly, its now the you snooze, you lose ballet.

6 thoughts on “You Snooze You Lose

  1. Your conversations with Carboy are always amazing. What made me laugh in particular though, is that I took The Hubby to see Onegin last year here at ROH. And guess what he did? He snoozed. Can you believe it? ;D

  2. Hahahaha Thankfully the Hubby never snored at a ballet. At one point he did whisper rather loudly in my ear: what the hell is going on?

    I responded: Onegin is expressing his sadness.

    Hubby: Why is he sad?

    Me: He is about to duel with his best friend Lensky.

    Hubby: Why?

    Me: Haven’t you been watching???

    Hubby: yes, but that doesn’t mean I know what is going on.

    After taking him to watch Sylvia in October he said: I love you. That was nice. Please don’t make me watch another ballet.

    At least Carboy is adventurous 😛

    • Hahaha! “please don’t make me…” oh, boys are funny! Last year, immediately after San Francisco Ballet finished performing Petrushka, Carboy says rather loudly, “what the hell was that!?” and the lady sitting on the other side next to him answered “don’t try to understand the Russians.” I almost died with laughter! I think it’s hysterical that he comes up with his own interpretations of the ballets which are usually completely off but insanely funny.

      Do you have to go to the ballet by yourself? Carboy goes to ballet but with opera, I’m on my own.

      • Haha! Oh, Petrouchka. There really needs to be a sub-genre of “toys, puppets, and other inanimate objects coming to life (and not necessarily in a good way)” ballets. But yay, San Francisco. They’re going to be at a free concert in the park this Sunday afternoon, but I probably won’t make it ’cause I have ballet class. 🙂 I technically could make it over there, but it gets HELLA (yeah, I said it) crowded if you don’t get there early.

        My guy and I are sort of the same way re: opera. Not that I go a lot, but he usually isn’t into it.

      • I got an email about the concert & considered flying up for a quick minute, but me, a billion people, & a park with open seating does not sound like the best idea… I’m spoiled & allergic to grass, hahaha!

        I don’t go to the opera a lot either but I usually go alone. But I’m not obsessive about opera the way I am about ballet… oh, did I say obsessive? I meant fanatical, no, no, I mean devoted, ah, er… I sound like a crazy person 😀

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