Sleeping Beauty’s Navel Lint

Carboy:  Do you need this jar?

Me: No. I was going to toss it in recycling.

Carboy: I’m taking it then.

Me:  What for?

Carboy: I’m going to use it to save my navel lint.

Me: What???

Carboy:  Don’t look at me like that. I got the idea from one of the ballet’s that you watch all the time.

Me:  You are infirmed.

Carboy:  That one where the cabin moose carries around a giant wad of navel lint on a stick and kills the princess with it.

Me:  You mean Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty where the princess stabs her finger on a knitting needle and falls asleep for a hundred years waiting for Manuel Legris to come?

Carboy:  Seriously? That’s the story? It’s better the way I tell it with a giant wad of navel lint on a stick which, you have to admit, is pretty cool.

Me:  Why would… what???

Carboy: I’ve been inspired by ballet and you’re complaining?!

Me:  No, no… I think I’ll put the Sleeping Beauty DVD on right now. Do you want the lid for that jar?

10 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty’s Navel Lint

  1. He could make art with it. There was a woman on Oddities that made tiny teddy bears out of belly-button lint. It was disgusting and kind of cute at the same time.

  2. When I woke up, my blackberry was flashing with an email. It was this blog-post. I looked at it half asleep wondering what was going on. Then I burst out laughing and woke up the Hubby.

    This is a whole new angle for Sleeping Beauty.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks, that made me laugh!

      I know, right! Cabin moose kills the princess with a stick of navel lint… were we even watching the same ballet?!?!?!

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