A New Day

For the past two weeks, Bead109 has been overwhelmed. I’ll spare you the details, let me simply remind both you and me that each life is a world of its own. The challenges of my life are no greater nor lesser than the challenges of any other individual’s  existence, but they are mine. Each of our lives are interweaved like strands of thread in fabric loosely and tightly within the lives of others, some by choice, some by chance. Sometimes this weave is lovely and fun and sometimes… it’s overwhelming. And sometimes there is nothing more that you can do – but continue.

The past two weeks I’ve been extraordinarily stressed which means my face has been breaking out like some sort of mine field, I’ve been eating enormous mounds of very unhealthy foods, and I’ve been spending a lot of time wallowing in anger, frustration, and sadness. There is nothing more that I can do to “fix” the “problem.” I will continue to do what is in my power to do and I will continue.

This week I will be mindful of what I eat. I will get the exercise that my body craves. I will go to ballet class and bask in joy of dance. I will take care of myself and those I love. I will laugh.  I’m looking forward to a new week, a fresh start, a new day.

In Japan, there is place just outside of most of the temples to find your fortune but fear not if you get a bad one because there will be a place like this to tie the bad fortune and leave it behind…

Got a bad fortune? Let’s tie it to this bad fortune frame and leave it behind. Let’s move forward, we’ve got things to do! Allons-y! Tomorrow we dance.

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