Don’t Block Manuel

Me:  ehhhhhh!!! Move Move Move!!! Manuel, Manuel, Manuel!!!

Carboy: What!?!?!

Me:  That was a bit shrill.

Carboy: Are you seriously calling me Manuel?

Me: I’m not calling you Manuel I’m telling you to quit blocking Manuel!

Carboy: What?

Me: You’re in front of the television, Manuel is dancing.

Carboy: It’s a DVD, you can rewind. (With distain) Manuel is dancing. Phhhfttttt.

Me: You don’t really rewind DVDs & I do actually skip back to this chapter often, I love to watch him do this one turn… that is, however, not the point.

Carboy: What is this?

Me: Sylvia. I hate the costumes they put him in. First painter overalls and then this crummy suit that makes him look short.

Carboy: He IS short… really short.

Me: But this suit makes him LOOK short.

Carboy: I think his shortness makes him look short.

Me: You can go back outside now, don’t you have a car to set on fire or something?!

Carboy: That is a good turn.

Me: I know, right?! You can stay but only if you remain perfectly quiet. Want to see the turn again???

Carboy: No thanks, I think I’ll go outside and take a welding torch to something.

Me: Ok. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Block Manuel

    • I honestly can’t complain. Carboy plays in the backyard with cars’ n’stuff but basically stays out of trouble. We get to drive around in the coolest cars and when he’s done playing with them, we just sell them. So all in all, other than an occasional fire or small explosion, it’s pretty awesome.

    • Yeah! My met was originally a hardtop and Carboy turned it into a convertible and put a trunk in it. He also made it an automatic so its a no brainer to drive. He did all the work on it for another owner and then when the guy wanted to sell it, we bought it from him because we knew all the work was done right 🙂

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