The Tragedy of Center

So… seriously, center work always makes me nervous. The barre is really very comforting to me, plus I don’t have to look at myself dead on in the mirror. So I’m in class on Monday and we are doing a very simple combination and I get sweat in my eye and the next thing I know instead of glissading (is that a word?) I’m watching myself do some sort of bizarre bunny hop in the mirror with my one good eye. It was so funny, I made myself laugh and then it was downhill from there. I thought the bunny hop was hysterical but the flapping around after that was simply tragic! I kept going despite looking quite the fool and realized that one can completely relinquish all sense of decorum and dignity and still survive ballet class! We live, we learn, and as my ballet teacher says… it’s just ballet!

2 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Center

  1. Nice, that reminds me that I just have to let myself let go and smile once in a while during class. One teacher I went to a while back asked us to smile a bit more so she wouldn’t have to look at all our glum faces, haha.

    • I’m so busy concentrating that I usually forget I’ve got a serious, take no prisioners face on! Its interesting that since I don’t like looking in the mirror and avoid it like contaminated melons, that I’ve taken to glancing over at my teacher during exercises. He’s very astute so he’s noticed it too and I often get silent feedback, he’ll motion to me to adjust my arm or correct my alignment with hand signals. My reaction to this interaction is to smile at him, it’s just kind of automatic! The result is that I find myself smiling more in class and the more I notice it, the more I start to do it consciously! I am happy to be there afterall 😀

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