Ballet Tan Lines – Only in Southern California

O.K. first off let me say that this post is not to poke a stick at all my pals who are stuck in 50 below weather or caught under 20 feet of snow or what have you but…

So I’ve taken to dressing like a twinkle toes class ballerina, minus hair ribbons, which as most of you know this means a plain black cap sleeve leotard, pink tights, and maybe a black wrap skirt. My ballet class is on the west side of Los Angeles, which is not my hood, so I have something of a drive to get to class. It’s not too bad, I usually hop on Melrose Ave and its a straight shot with plenty to gawk at since there will be lots of stopping with traffic.

My look but this kid has way more ‘tude.

So I get home from ballet class and realize that I have new tan lines! I’m a SoCal native and we don’t believe in tan lines! So I’m thinking where in the heck did these come from, how did this happen… and I realized that the cap sleeved leotard and the long drive in the car are the culprits to “farmer tan.”

Well, its not cold enough to break out the long sleeves so its back to the camisole or putting on sunscreen with a cake frosting spreader because as much as I love all things dance, I think I may have to say no to ballet tan lines!

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