Can You Make the TV Work!

Carboy: Why is the TV not working?

Me: I was watching ballet DVDs.

Carboy: Can you make the TV work?

Me: Are you sure that you don’t want to watch Manu dance?

Carboy: Please put it on Not Manu channel.

Me: Not Manu?

Carboy: Apparently our TV has 2 modes, Manu and Not Manu. I would like it to be on Not Manu right now.

Me: Okay, if you’re sure because I can always easily put it back on Manu channel anytime you’d like.

Carboy: Thanks, I’ll let you know if that should ever happen. Not Manu please.

5 thoughts on “Can You Make the TV Work!

  1. Jeffrey! This is unacceptable! Now I would normally recommend a Paris Opera Ballet DVD featuring Manuel Legris to start out any real ballet DVD collection of merit… however, how about this for a great idea – San Francisco Ballet’s The Little Mermaid comes out on the 15th of this month! It’s like providence has decided that you shall begin your journey to enlightenment on the perfect path!

    • Yes! In fact I went to one of the performances they filmed for the PBS broadcast and DVD! 🙂 I have to at least watch it so I can say, hear that applause? That’s me right there.

  2. What? You have your own ManuTV? Where do I sign up? 🙂

    Ditto on the POB Manu DVDs – not to be missed. Also: I just learned that Patrice Bart´s new staging of Coppelia, with the exquisite Dorothee Gilbert, is now available on DVD. And I would definitely get me Royal Ballet´s Swan Lake, the one with Marianela Nunez. And Kenneth McMillan´s Elite Syncopations! It´s so worth it!

    I´m very curious to finally see the Little Mermaid. Especially since Neumeier created the role on our über fabulous ballet teacher Marie-Pierre! 🙂

    • There really needs to be an all-Manu-all-the-time channel on cable… they seemingly have everything else! I’ll even go for all POB or all ballet… I’m preparing to write my cable company now! 😀

      All great suggestions! I need to work on my Royal Ballet DVD collection!

      I pre-ordered the Little Mermaid! I think you will love it, Johanna. How much fun will it be for you to watch and imagine Madame Marie-Pierre dancing the title role!!!

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