Glisten, Perspire, Sweat

My grandmother used to say that farm animals sweat, men perspire, and ladies glisten. I think it’s maybe because she never really did much physically. Unfortunately, I sweat – a lot. It’s a pain in the butt and honestly it’s enough to make a girl a little self-conscious sometimes but when you are in the midst of a really awesome ballet class, you just learn to deal and get over it. I do find that wearing cotton kind of sucks because you can see sweat like crazy but more and more, I realize that it’s just sweat and in the grand scheme of ballerina life, it’s not that big of a deal.

In fact, I read a few facts about sweating that are kind of cool!

  1. Toning your muscles affects your face too so working out can help fight wrinkles! That’s because toned muscles provide a support system for your skin = less sagging, fewer lines!
  2. Sweating is good for acne! This is great news for me because I have bad skin. Exercise causes your adrenal glands to secrete less DHEA and DHT, hormones that are partially responsible for acne. Honestly, I can tell you that my skin has definitely started looking better with ballet class!
  3. A serious workout improves circulation which is responsible for delivering nutrients that produce collagen and elastin. You’ll want those because they give your skin strength!
  4. Sweating clears your pores. Did you know that you remove about 30% of your body’s toxins through sweat every day! Toxins are bad, you don’t want those hanging around.

I also read some interesting facts about our skin in general:

  1. Your skin is basically a big envelope that holds your body together mechanically and functionally.
  2. Your skin is your first line defense!
  3. Your skin regulates your body’s temperature. This is really important, when you get hot your skins begins to dilate your blood vessels so that warm blood is drawn away from your core and pushed toward the surface of your skin. You sweat and as the moisture evaporates, it cools you down so that you don’t overheat!
  4. Your skin contains tons of different cells that are involved in protecting you from disease and infection. Your immune system begins with your skin.
  5. Your skin makes Vitamin D. That’s pretty cool.
  6. Your skin is a sensory organ, it tells you about pleasure, pain, cold, heat, pressure… it’s pretty awesome.
  7. Your skin is beautiful and unique and it’s all you!

As summer comes, it’s bound to get even hotter inside the studio and out. But I’m ready, not just because the studio has AC and I have some leotards in moisture wicking fabric, but because I now know that sweating is a pretty cool function that I do pretty darn well. Bring it, let’s dance and get all sweaty!

4 thoughts on “Glisten, Perspire, Sweat

  1. Very interesting and fact-filled post…love it! I too am a person who sweats buckets when I exercise, and especially in ballet, where one set of tendus done whilst pulling up, turning out, aligning everything, etc. can make you break out in rivers (and my non-ballet friend says “in all those dance movies where they’re at the barre it just looks like they’re sticking their legs out over and over”….HA!). I wore some very cute grey shorts over my leotard for class last weekend and due to a blast of rain and humidity, it was a sauna in class, and by the end, I had sweaty leo AND both crotch and butt sweat…soooo lovely 😉 That’s what I get for breaking out of my black/jewel colors rut!

    • Ahhhhh!!! I was wearing grey cotton shorts just this week and AHHHHH!!! the same thing happened to me! So lovely indeed. There is usually some sort of pilates fusion class before our ballet class and they always leave the studio completely steamy (and smelly) so it’s already hot when we walk in! I’m not so fond of my cotton workout wear anymore but more than anything, I’m just learning to get over it!

  2. This is pretty awesome 🙂 I had noticed long ago that my skin looks much, much, much better since I started “to sweat” with ballet. I used to have very dry skin, but that’s something I don’t have since I started dancing.

    I loved this post! Very informative 🙂

    • Thank you!

      My husband had remarked that my skin was looking better and that my back (I’ve a history of skin issues there) was looking so really nice! I had thought that it was all in my head or my being overly optimistic that ballet was actually good for my skin, but I am happy to report that medical science backs me up! I’m glad to hear that you are experiencing ballet happy skin too! 😀

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