Japan 2012 – The Drama, the Suspense, WOW… How Much Yen!?!


It’s been a long couple of days, my friends. This is not our first trip to Japan but it is our first trip WITHOUT an Japanese pal around to help us out! Ergo, we’ve been lost, driving incredible miles on the expressway, paid inordinate amounts of tolls, gotten lost again, got yelled at (before getting really helpful and gracious directions) at a toll booth, had to change hotels, booked new hotel incorrectly, couldn’t get international phone and data plan to work, got lost AGAIN, and paid an incredible amount of money for parking for ONE day.

ANYWAY… the weather is nice, cool, a bit of rain but also a bit of sunshine and we are in JAPAN, land of the rising sun! I really do love it here AND I am seeing my Manu tonight so all is well.

The ONLY diet coke on the entire flight to Tokyo!


Bad fortune 😦
Kind of sums it up really…

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