November’s Gratitude Day 7

Today I received an email from my dissertation advisor. You see, I turned in several chapters of my dissertation and am at a point in the analysis where I can’t continue until I have an approval from my committee. So I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and worrying, and waiting. And today the email came – approved with no changes. This is the best kind of approval because there is approval with minimal changes, approval with massive changes and flat-out not approved. I still have to do a little mini-defense but it’s not a big thing in comparison to getting the actual stamp of approval from the chair. I’m grateful for my dissertation advisor for all his work and his support. I’m grateful that I got an approval with no changes. But I’m most grateful for his enthusiasm – yes, enthusiasm. He actually wrote, and I quote, “wooooohoooo!” You know, you don’t get that too much in academia. And it’s amazing how that one little woooohoooo filled me with happiness, energy, motivation, and more enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing to have and it’s an amazing gift to give. And so I am grateful today for enthusiasm and in my gratitude I most joyfully share my enthusiasm with you… woooohoooo, baby, wooooohoooo!

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