November’s Gratitude Day 8

This is Carboy.  He goes along with all my hair-brained ideas for “fun”

He willingly accompanies me to ballets and operas even though he’d rather be at car shows

He stands beside me in even my most my crazy endeavors

And he’s my best pal

I am grateful for my favorite friend, my conspirator, my partner in crime, the guy who takes out the trash, cleans the kitty litter, kills the bugs and stands at the stage door taking pictures with only minimal amount of visible jealousy… I am grateful always for Carboy.






















7 thoughts on “November’s Gratitude Day 8

    • Nerdy minds think alike – or something like that 🙂

      I completely relate to your post – finding the love of my life wasn’t some dramatic event. Finding the right guy was recognizing this sort of quiet, comforting harmony that I didn’t even really know before. It’s really very special, having a such an amazing friend!

  1. Lovely shot of the two of you together! It’ such a good feeling of contentment when you find the right person isn’t it? It took me a while to find mine.

  2. Such a lovely pic of you both together! It’s so great when you find that special someone…it took me a while so I try to appreciate how lucky I am. Did he mind being publicised?!

    • Thank you! Actually my husband has been very supportive of my entire ballet endeavor, including the blog. It has not escaped him how much ballet means to me and how beneficial it’s been for me once I really started to take classes! 🙂

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