#NaBloPoMo July 1, 2016 Let’s get writing again!

The #NaBloPoBo topic for July 1st is an interesting question, one that had me scratching my head at first.

What was the first blog you read online? 

Wow, that feels like a really long time ago! Pre-blogs, who remembers when we were pre-blog? But of course I remember it’s just that it feels so… normal now. People blog and we read them, sometime we follow, sometimes we comment… its part of learning about the world, about people, even about connecting.

I’m pretty sure that the first blog I read online was Johanna’s Pointe Til You Drop. At least that’s how I remember it. I loved Johanna’s blog from the first. She is always so honest and straightforward yet always kind and thoughtful. I love her passion and devotion to ballet. She shares her journey in dance so openly and completely with her readers. And for a new student of ballet, she was an image of hope – hope that a person, me specifically, could maybe perhaps possibly learn ballet as an adult. What a gift!! Nothing has changed in that respect, I still love Pointe Til You Drop. I still think it is one of the best dance blogs in blogosphere. I still think that Johanna is one of the most wonderful sources of inspiration for all adult dancers.

One thought on “#NaBloPoMo July 1, 2016 Let’s get writing again!

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