Work & Be Patient

“Listen – Observe – Concentrate – Work – Work – Work – Be Patient. Allow your mind and body an opportunity to absorb and process the class content. Take every correction given in class as something to apply to yourself.”

~Bené Arnold, On Technique by Dean Spencer

It’s interesting that one would think that the work part (work-work-work) would be the hardest part of any endeavor but you know where I struggle? The patience part, ugh, the – patience – part. I’ve always thought that I was pretty good about working toward something that takes a long time, after all I’ve been in school for most of my adult life! Truth be told, it feels like both forever and amazing because the goal of being done with school was always such a dream! But my progress as an adult in dance… oy vey. I keep having to start over, injuries, long breaks due to an already packed grown up schedule, mean that I find myself forever feeling like I am at square one. In reality, it isn’t that bad but it isn’t a picnic and a quick race to the finish either! Having patience with myself is really difficult. Maybe it’s also because I’m usually really hard on myself. Nothing is ever that good. Now don’t get me wrong, I no longer struggle with the nonsense that is perfectionism. But it’s also very hard to see anything I’ve done and think to myself – that was pretty awesome. Maybe while I’m being patient with myself, I can also think about how to best deal with proper self-criticism.  Whew, I’ve still got a lot to work on!!

Let’s enjoy the dance. All will be well.

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