Where O Where Did 2016 Go???

What happened? How is it that 2016 is almost over?

Can I trust you with a secret? 2016 has been a ballet-less year for me. I’m not sure what happened… well, actually that’s not entirely true. It’s been a year of sadness. The year started with my sweet dog’s cancer diagnosis and then his passing. When his little spirit left me a grey cloud hung prominently and persistently in my living room, in my dining room, on my way to work, in the kitchen while making dinner, at the gym, in the world. The whole world was grey.

Recently, we adopted a little kitten from the local shelter. She was part of a feral family born in a warehouse. Three wooden pallets fell on her and pinned her tail. The vet said that it was entirely macerated. And so they removed it down to a small stub. I’m surprised that a shelter put that much effort into a feral kitten especially when the loss of a tail can  be very problematic to development. We saw her, we fell in love with her and we brought her home. And with her a ray of pink sunshine came back into our lives. I miss my sweet Atticus everyday. Taking care of Sophie and her special needs gives us purpose, joy and lots of laughter at her kitten antics. Sammy Jeaux turns 13 years old next month; she doesn’t find Sophie all that entertaining at times but soon I’m sure she’ll see the benefit of having a friend in the house again. She misses her dog too. img_3824

It’s interesting that in the sadness, I didn’t want, couldn’t deal with ballet class, going to the ballet, traveling to watch ballet and take classes. Usually ballet helps me deal with stress, with sadness, with all things bad. Perhaps some sadness is too great, perhaps grief needs its own path and takes its own time. As grief makes way to happy memories and warm thoughts, I find myself looking forward to making some travel plans (Manuel Legris has a gala in Japan in August ), looking forward to ballet class (I’ve found a new teacher close by who comes highly recommended and has small classes) and blogging, sharing and being part of the community again.


All will be well~

4 thoughts on “Where O Where Did 2016 Go???

  1. So glad you are back!
    For me, 2016 has not been a really good year either. I wanted to dance so much, but too much work and some health problems kept me from dancing seriously. I hope, 2017 will be better for both of us.

  2. It sounds like you’ve been taking care of yourself in a difficult time by listening to what your gut tells you will help you heal.

    And, wow, Sophie is adorable! That irresistible face! >^.,.^< ❤

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