Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

2016 was an interesting year: good, bad, tragic, amazing, happy and sad. I’m not happy with exactly how my 2016 went but I’m happy and grateful with how it has come to an end. I’m ready for 2017. I’m ready to fall in love with ballet again. I’m ready to travel again. I’m ready to take class again. I’m ready to talk about leotards, tights and toe tape again. I’m ready to be an active member of the community again. It’s going to be a year of growth, of challenges, of pushing forward. I’m ready.

I’m really looking forward to being sore and sweaty in 2017.
What are you looking forward to in 2017?

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

  1. Happy new year to you, too. For me, 2016 was crazy in almost every aspect. On the other hand I learned to let go of some things without complaining too much. I made at least one new friend (via the internet, who would have imagined such a thing!). I do have plans for 2017 which involve more dancing and a lot of language study. And hopefully, a trip to France (which is easier from here, as France is practically next door.)

    • 2016 was indeed a crazy year so I’m glad there were some highlights for you. What language are you studying? I’ve been trying to learn some French and some Spanish. It’s hard though because I don’t have anyone to talk to and I’m very shy about my American accent. Maybe I’ll find some bravery this year. I really want to go to France this year too!

  2. I need to work on my English, French, Spanish and Italian. So, no time for a new language at the moment.

    Yes, it is hard to find the courage to actually speak a new language. One of my former teachers said, the worst thing in the world is a language student who is afraid of his or her own voice. Learning a new language is similar to learning ballet: you try, you fail you try again and perhaps, after a while, you will fail better. Learning a new language takes time and patience, just like ballet. It is a process, and it is never finished.

      • Thank you. I used to take classes. I am not good at studying on my own, I need my fellow students as much as I need a teacher. I try to read a lot in any foreign language I learn. I watch films in the original version, if possible (be prepared for disaster: at first you won’t understand more than a few basic words, but after a while things will get better) When I do not feel too shy, I try to talk to people who speak the language I want to learn.

      • I would prefer to take a class myself but my schedule won’t permit. I like to watch films but then I will admit, I get lazy and put on the subtitles. I got a few books in French for Christmas. Thank you for the information, I feel encouraged to keep trying!

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