Breaking Ballet, The Halfway Pointe

Well, it is week 4 of the 8-week Breaking Ballet course. I’m sorry to say that I actually missed most of week 3 and I’m completely behind in week 4. Still, so far, it’s a great program. Being behind has nothing to do with the program itself. I’ve been crazy busy being an adult with a job and stuff. Plus I twisted my ankle at the beginning of week 3… it’s always something, isn’t it! One really cool feature of this program is that the workout videos are in segments so they can be moved around if necessary. When I couldn’t put weight on my ankle, I could still do the mat work. Another great feature of the program is that Sarah is on Facebook and answers questions! I mentioned my ankle and she suggested switching up and doing floor barre. Awesome!! Send me good thoughts to catch up, keep up, and get up on my toes again!



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