When Bad Things Are Actually Good Things!!

So for the past week, I’ve been in Japan… I’ll be filling you in on that adventure shortly. While I was gone my refrigerator broke. Just stopped working. Dead. It must have happened shortly after we left because when we got back the thing was a giant science experiment. Well, amazingly enough, we actually were going to inherit an almost new refrigerator from a friend who has just purchased a home and decided that they needed all new appliances despite the new and nice appliances already in the home. I had thought the person nuts to be honest. It’s probably only in California that people will have 3/4 of a million dollars for a home with all new everything and then hand over their bank account to remove walls, change windows, and buy more all new everything… everyone everywhere can’t be that insane. But one man’s insanity is another woman’s good fortune because I had a refrigerator waiting in the wings… I mean, really, how often is that going to happen!?!

The funny thing is that Carboy and I had just been talking about how we really needed to make some major changes to our bad eating habits. One of the things they always tell you is that you must clear out the fridge and cupboards. Well I didn’t actually have a choice did I! So what was a tragedy worked out for good as I have an almost empty refrigerator waiting for healthy whole foods. Small steps and big steps toward a healthier lifestyle, I’ll take them however they materialize.


Sophie approves the new-ish fridge!


All will be well.

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