Welcome to September

September feels like a waiting period, waiting for Fall and Winter, waiting for holidays, waiting for the last semester of the year. I would like this September to be a wonderful month of being, being here, being present, being about whatever this month brings and not just looking out the September looking glass. This month I would like to drop some weight (a healthy 1-2 lbs per week) by making good food choices, cutting back on calories and working out. I would like to clean my house top to bottom so that I can enjoy my living space. I would like to reclaim my home office for work and then do joyous work in that room. I would like to meditate every day this month, at least once in the morning. I would like to spend the month preparing for a more successful return to ballet class – stretching and strengthening my legs and feet in particular. I would like to read a lot and write a lot in a way that is good for my soul and not just about productivity. I want to cut back on Diet Coke and increase my water intake significantly. I want to push hard at work but shake off the stress that doesn’t belong to me. I want to go for walks, spend some time in the sunshine, listen to music, and enjoy every day in September.

What do you want this September to be?

~All will be well. Let’s dance.



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