Japanese Adventure – Day 2 – Updated Version

Since technically I’m already at the end of Day 3, I’m just going to recap some highlights from Day 2 of Operation Japanese Adventure…

been eating great food…

visiting incredible sights…

and most importantly, hanging in the awesome company of Carboy and Japanese Cardude…

Of course, Wednesday was THE BIG DAY! Program A of The New Universe of Manuel Legris. I cannot hide nor would ever even consider denying my great affection for Monsieur Legris. It was the notion of attending this ballet that began the wheels turning for this vacation in the first place!

I will be blogging about the ballet in a later post otherwise this entry will end up looking like War&Peace, in large print no less… so here’s just a tidbit of Wednesday night at the U-Port Hall…

Carboy: I have to admit, I don’t get it.

Me: What?

Carboy: This fascination with Manuel Legris. Marcelo, I get. I mean it’s like a given, what’s that term you use when something is commonly accepted as true?

Me: A priori?

Carboy: That’s it. Marcelo Gomes is handsome and should be admired a priori.

Me: That’s true. But what’s not to get about Manuel?

Carboy: Are you kidding me? He’s old, short, gaunt, and has a receding hairline.

Me: First off, let me point out that Manuel is  just about your age and height… he’s French, French men are dreamy in a whole other and less obvious way. In any case, when you see him dance, you’ll understand.

Carboy:  *insert look of grave doubt here*

A few hours of ballet ecstasy later… 

Carboy: What was this last thing?

Me: Manuel & Maria Eichwald in the final scene of Onegin.

Carboy: Almost makes you want to cry.

Me: Told you you’d get it.

About half an hour later or so, at the stage door…

Me: Would you… please… (handing a copy of his retirement book & a pen to Monsieur Legris himself.)

Manuel: Here? Oui?

Me: Yes please. (I am dropping dead – seriously dropping dead.)

Manuel looks up from the book to make eye contact, smiles, wipes sweat from his forehead, and signs.

Me: Thank you, merci. The performance was wonderful.

Manuel: Oh… merci beaucoup, thank you.

My brain melts. I glow all the way to the hotel, all through the night, and into the next day… still glowing…

I wish the photos were more flattering but leave it to a couple of boys to record a momentous, possibly life altering occasion and they choose bad angles… there are more photos on Japanese Cardudes camera when he gets around to sending them to me but you can’t rush a Japanese Cardude, so there you are.

and just because I know you have a burning desire to know… he has a lovely voice, speaks very softly and has the palest of blue eyes  (which I know I already mentioned but really… the lightest sky blue… ) **enter swoon-y le sigh here**

Quick Update: Carboy wants me to point out in no uncertain terms that he is both younger & taller than Manuel Legris and also has very lovely blue eyes. There… happy now!?!?

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