Fashion Tips Directly from Tokyo

1.  Just because its obvious that isn’t your natural hair color doesn’t mean that you can’t rock it out!

2.  Bangs are hot.

3.  Strappy sandals in every height can be worn with every thing.

4.  Wearing black tights with any outfit means a quicker change into ballet class clothes.

5.  Sunglasses might just be too obvious, why bother hiding the energy and effort of putting on fabulous false eyelashes behind shades… a girly umbrella or a whimsical hat can keep the sun off your face just as well, maybe even better.

6.  Short skirts rule but if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of a tiny mini throw on a tiny pair of denim shorts underneath for a kicky undercarriage surprise.

7.  Moisturizer and pink blush makes a face pretty.

8.  It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity… wear cotton gauze! From frilly girly tops to sun dresses or boho tunics, gauze keeps a girl from looking like a sweated through dishrag.

9. Can’t decide on one color for your pedi? Use them all, brightly multicolored nail polish is adorable & flirty.

10.  You’re never too old or too young, too skinny or to chubby, too short or too tall, to be who you are. Beauty isn’t the cover of Vogue, it’s having the confidence to take care of yourself and be yourself – it’s a runway out there, my peeps, so get out there and work it!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Tips Directly from Tokyo

    • These girls are amazing! Every fashion style you could imagine from perfectly classic to completely quirky are here on the streets, on the trains, everywhere! And in this humidity and heat, they still rock it! I’m wow-ed and inspired 😀

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